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Out of the Box(er)

About 3 years ago I pulled apart a 1989 r100GS and packed it into a selection of boxes which I then sent away to Paul. If you ever wondered were it possible to send a motorcycle via Australia Post the following image will show that yes, with a little bit of preparation, it can be done.


Over the next couple of years the project was stop and go as personal matters played with my conviction (and wallet) and drove Paul to curse me more than once as well I would say. Well, thing is it is beginning at last to take shape. It sports a 1070cc kit and floats on Ohlins with some tasty bits from HPN/Gletter/Siebenrock/Motoren Israel to name a few.


I will post  a full build story here but I can tell you it is styled to pay tribute to the original R80g/sPD but like all good tributes the homage is coupled to some functional but also stylish improvements…

tank screen

Watch this space…(oh by the way..I have also just added a few more images to some of the pages … a few more shots of the 2013 Australasian Safari effort taken by Ken Redwood (thanks Ken!) and a nice black machine on the Rooneycycles page that somehow I missed! Sorry! Oh, and some new video for us tragics too…

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Leg 3, the Ledge and the Legend.

IMG_1537 - Copyimage Ken Redwood

If you haven’t already seen here the unassuming legend Rod Colling drifted a little wide and hit a sharp ledge yesterday.

The result is a broken collar bone and a disappointingly early end to this years safari for Team Rooney Racing. It could have been worse, another rider hitting the same ledge left in a helicopter.

The Safari motorcycle fleet is severely dwindled and there appears to be no pre85 bikes left in the running (although the Rooney Machines were actually not accepted in that category).

But hey, Never mind, that is racing for you. Paul and Rod have been chatting about improvements to the 850 race machine that Rod believes is already a “great package ready to go”

And I understand that there is already talk of next year.

Well done Paul, Rod, Chris, Ken and Neil.

See you next year!

IMG_1564Image Ken Redwood

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Leg 2 Results

I got sidetracked with family stuff yesterday so missed the update. Please accept this late submission. I haven’t been able to talk to Paul either so no detail to offer beyond that which can be found here in the results.

Yesterdays Leg 2, consisted of 450+km of Special Stages.  Rod has pushed the big 850 through to 25th place overall in the Moto’s. The race is taking out competitors at a steady pace so the field has dwindled markedly.

Anyway..check out this video interview with Rod at the end of leg 2 for some graphic footage of the Rooney Race team in action. Rod, how cool and collected can I guy be?!:

The leg summary videos too are pretty cool and do a good job of testifying to the difficulty of the race….for example…

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Leg 1 Results

7 out of 43 Motorcycle division starters failed to finish leg 1 of the Safari, sure testimonial of the extreme conditions machine and competitors face.

Regretfully, Chris on the 650 bike was one of them. I have just spoken to Paul and it sounds as though the prolonged deep sand punished the 65o too badly and it is out of the running. You can see the results here.  A mammoth call out goes to Chris.  Sorry it ended early but well done! Everything I heard is that you are a great guy that was doing awesome.

Rod had a better day aboard the 850, At the end of 23.26km Special Section 1 he was 10 minutes behind the lead time and coming in at 34th overall. After the 104.8km Special Section 2 he came in 29th and brought his overall down to 31st position.  In the legs final 142.82km Section Rod came home 31st to retain his overall position. This last leg alone claimed 14 cars and 4 bikes, so…well done Rod !

Here is Rod Rocketing along in the special after having ditched the light and fairing obviously to save weight and gain more speed. Image courtesy of Ross Briggs.


NEWSFLASH, a further 17 minutes is expected to come off Rods time so that overall standing is set to improve.

But then…it’s only just begun really…tomorrows first Special Section is a big one at 230km. Go Rod you bloody legend!

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Prologue Results

Look here. Off to a nice start. But just a taste of things to come.

image below courtesy Ross Briggs



Ceremonial Magic Sans Sacrifice!

A ceremonial and prologue start kicks off tomorrow morning at 9.45am from Julien Bay.

Chris will be out just 5 minutes after the grand oratory and live sacrifices are performed (9.50am) and 10 minutes later (10.03am) Rod heads out  aboard number 25. See here you. No doubt others that survive the ceremonial will be hot on their heels.

So get along and cheer them on! Go team Rooney! Sacrifice your self and go get some ceremonial magic!

If you, like me have been looking for the place results are posted…see here.


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photographed, scrutinised and put on Show

So I just spoke to Paul.

Western Australian motorcycle riding instructor Chris Hsi (pronounced ‘cee’) has taken to the saddle of number 38, the Rooney Racing r65 like a duck to water. The team has been out and about for the past two days getting the machines tuned in and race ready. Rod Colling aboard the mighty 850 (#25) is his usual composed self. Photo below courtesy Australasian Safari. See the Facebook page!


As I write the team are at the bustling metropolis of Wanaroo just north of Perth. Fresh from having photos taken they are just now heading over to scrutineering. Tomorrow will be a day of rest and reflection while the public is invited to view machinery and chat with competitors. Friday sees the bikes and team loaded up and transported two hours north to Jurien Bay for the Ceremonial Start and prologue. The next day the fun really begins with the race setting off from Norseman.

Phone reception is going to be hit and miss but I’ll tell you what I know when I know it. Otherwise keep an eye on the thread over here on adventure rider.


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